How to import an STL file and run a simulation with an immersed body

This tutorial is designed for an Ubuntu workstation for the simulation around a sphere

Install the xcompact3d toolbox

First you need to make sure to have conda installed on your machine. See for instance here for an installation on Ubuntu.

conda create -n x3d python=3.XX
conda activate x3d
pip install xcompact3d-toolbox

Install and compile Xcompact3d

git clone
cd Incompact3d/
export FC=mpif90
cmake -S . -B build
cd build/
cmake --build . -j 8

The executable file is in the build/bin directory

Bug fix in the xcompact3d_toolbox package

open /home/username/anaconda3/envs/x3d/lib/python3.12/site-packages/xcompact3d_toolbox/ and change all instances of longdouble to double (lines 438-441)

Generate the initial conditions including the epsilon function

cd examples/Sphere

Run the simulation on 8 cores (~7minutes)

mpirun -np 8 ../../build/bin/xcompact3d